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~ Rollin' just to keep on rollin' ~

Isobel Campbell with Mark Lanegan at the Barbican, London September 10, 2010

~ Rollin' just to keep on rollin' ~

Isobel Campbell with Mark Lanegan at the Barbican, London September 10, 2010

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Jeff stage
I saw Isobel and Mark play together almost two years ago and event hough they complained about the sound at that concert I still found the whole concert magic. There’s something special in both the mix of their voices and their stage presences, they just go together so well. So I was really excited to experience that once again.
As I had a front row seat this time (not as good as im_a_yogi though who was virtually staring up Mark’s nose the whole time) I was sure I would get the best possible chance to let myself be swept away.

Willy Mason, who has contributed vocals to two of the songs on Hawk, was the opening act and he was perfect for it. Humbleness, wits and a great voice; that’s about all it takes to charm your way onto my good side. His songs felt honest and heartfelt and I would be surprised if this was the last time Isobel works with him.

Isobel and Mark opened the concert with the first track of the new album, We Die And See Beauty Reign. Mark was dressed in his usual black and Isobel in a cute white dress. I guess you could say the worn phrase about Isobel being the light to Mark’s darkness was very much in effect but then again, it’s kinda hard not to appear bright next to Lanegan.
For the first couple of songs Isobel seemed to be a bit nervous, even a bit sad but that changed towards the middle of the concert. Mark on the other side seemed to be in a great mood. They kept exchanging looks as to check if the other was prepared to start singing and Mark smiled every time. He was actually smiling in between those moments as well, obviously very happy to be doing this tour.

The band Isobel has put together for this tour seemed to be more in tune with each other then the band they had with them the last time I saw them. They all seemed to enjoy playing together and that was verified by one of the guitar players we talked to after the show as well.

The set list was in my opinion close to perfect, mixing in the new songs with the older. Mark got to escape the stage for a while when Isobel was joined by Willy Mason for the two songs off of her album and one song off of his. Experiencing the two songs they do together on Hawk live made me appreciate them more. They kinda used to rub me the wrong way since it wasn’t Mark singing them with her. Although I’m sure Mark would have done a great job on them Willy’s softer voice lends them another dynamic.

As for the rest of the set list I was glad to get to hear Revolver and Wedding Dress since those were songs I didn’t get to hear the last time I saw them. The new songs worked really well too, I especially liked the way Get Behind Me and You Won’t Let Me Down Again sounded live.

Isobel, Mark and Willy held a meet and greet after the show which was, of course, very welcomed and appreciated. I however decided to be the photographer and not stand in line to get my ticket signed. I know I would most likely clam up knowing I had a limited time to say whatever I wanted to tell them and I could live without that experience. Plus I got to stare at Mark for a much longer time than most since I was standing right across from the table they were sitting at. *hee*

All in all it was a wonderful concert that I got to share with some really amazing people and that’s the best way to do it!

  • Great review, honey! It sums up a really great evening very well! You forgot to mention the pecs though... Or perhaps we should keep that info to ourselves? ;)

    Willy Mason definitely charmed the crowd and I think most people thought that the guy yelling "Bring back Mark" was being obnoxious. Totally unnecessary.

    My camera takes crappy non-flash photos but video usually comes out pretty good so I taped Backburner, Revolver and Wedding Dress. I've done some editing and am uploading clips at this very minute!

    Mark smiled all the time and that was lovely to see. He looked happy and relaxed and even though he wasn't very talkative at the signing table he didn't seem to mind it too much. Isobel was sweet as always and remembered my sister and me from Copenhagen! Awww

    Also - looking at the new dates for their tour in November and December we shouldn't have gotten our hopes up. It's not the first time someone has been confused about Sweden/Switzerland. LOL

    Amazing show (and weekend) and I'm so glad I got to share it with you! *hugs*

    Edited at 2010-09-14 07:01 pm (UTC)
    • Thank you, I was unsure I had gotten all the stuff in there. Well, not ALL the stuff though. *grins and hides the info about the pecs behind her back*

      Willy was definitely a treat and especially when compared to Duke Garwood. I'm sorry but Willy was so much better and I hope Mark realizes that as well. ;)

      I'm sure everyone is looking forward to see those videos so get them up here soon will you? ;)

      What is it about Sweden and Switzerland that makes people confuse the two? Not even the names look or sound alike! *shakes head and mutters*

      I couldn't agree more! And thank you so much for everything! *hugs*
  • Wow, when I saw Mark live on his acoustic tour, he didn't smile once. (He was still very polite though, and put on a good show)
    • I have never seen Mark solo on stage but I get the feeling he relaxes more when he gets to share the stage with someone.
      Either way though he never fails to deliver a great show! :)
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