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May 18th, 2009


Seems like Mark might be playing with someone else in September (Soulsavers??) and she might have to get someone else to sing with her if she wants to tour the States and Canada. :(

I found this over at the Scott Ford Board... LOL It's an old Gutter Twins interview (audio with funny pics as Greg and Mark didn't want to be filmed.)

Curious about Wendy Rae Fowler's new group? http://www.myspace.com/wefelltoearth

I'm off to sea for a week (without proper internet access) so I'm reminding you all to keep an eye out for news about Soulsavers!

May 15th, 2009

I set out to find a mp3 version of "All That Is My Own" from 'Life Along The Borderline - A Tribute To Nico' in Italy because that song is just stuck in my head (I'm also very curious about Nico's version - I'm going to have to find that one too!) and so far I've only found the bootleg from the show in London last year (October 11th 2008).

John Cale & Mark Lanegan - Win A Few
Mark Lanegan - Roses In The Snow

All Artists - All That Is My Own You can't really hear Mark here but hopefully a version of this song from the show in Italy (where they managed to get Mark to sing a verse by himself) will surface soon!

May 12th, 2009

From Isobel Campbell's MySpace Blog May 9th:
See you all in September x
Due to unavoidable circumstances I am disappointed and sorry to
announce that we have had to postpone NYC,
San francisco and Los Angeles concerts until September this year.
For anyone who has bought tickets, these tickets will still be valid in
September. And I am sorry for any inconvenience.
The good news is that
there will be a more extensive U.S and Canadian tour at this time.
Thanks for bearing with me! More information to follow....


That's really too bad but hopefully you guys in the States get more dates in the fall. Just 3 wasn't enough anyway, was it?


Mark was in Italy for the Tribute to Nico concert Sunday. I found some funny photos on Flickr - The ones with Mark and the alien really cracks me up! And doesn't he look pleased in the second photo?

But isn't it time for a new wardrobe, Mark? ;)

PhotosCollapse )

There's also some clips from the concert on YouTube:

Mark being pushed up to the mic made me smile and apparently Lisa Gerrard was so into Mark singing that she forgot when she was supposed to come in! :D

ETA: found another version of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtDoAAYPfeU
2 more clips from YouTubeCollapse )

April 18th, 2009

"The Last Time"

Mark Lanegan - smoking
You can listen to a sample of "The Last Time" with The Breeders feat Mark Lanegan here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Last-Time/dp/B0025TNNP8 and you can buy it from April 21st!

April 15th, 2009

John Cale reprises his Nico tribute Life Along the Borderline in Italy, featuring John Cale and band, Lisa Gerrard, Mark Lanegan, Mark Linkous, Peter Murphy, Mercury Rev, Soap & Skin.

05/10/09 Ferrara, Italy (Teatro Comunale)


And if you haven't heard this yet: From the show in London last year (you can't really see anything but audio is good!)

I think they were supposed to release a DVD from this show, weren't they?

April 14th, 2009

The tour dates

lovely foe
The Twins will travel far and wide this summer! South America - Europe - Australia! Hope they don't exhaust themselves - they have albums to work on as well! ;)


07/01/09 Sao Paolo, Brasil (Bourbon Street)
07/04/09 Santiago, Chile (Teatro Oriente)
07/07/09 Buenos Aires Argentina (La Trastienda)
07/11/09 Bruges, Belgium (Cactus Festival)
07/12/09 Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso)
07/13/09 Nijmegen, Netherlands (Doornroosje)
07/15/09 Düsseldorf, Germany (Savoy Theatre)
07/16/09 Hamburg, Germany (Stage Club)
07/17/09 Copenhagen, Denmark (Vega)
07/19/09 London, UK (Royal Festival Hall)
07/20/09 Brighton, UK (Komedia)
07/23/09 Sydney, Australia (York Theater)
07/24/09 Melbourne, Australia (Athenaeum)
07/26/09 Byron Bay, Australia (Splendour in the Grass)


The song Mark's done with Slash is called "So long Sin City" (not "Goodbye Sin City" - Slash blames antibiotics for the mistake on Twitter!)

April 3rd, 2009

Another date...

Gutter Twins - beach by me
and this made me jump up and down:

Store VEGA 17.07.09 kl. 20:00

Yay, they're playing in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Wonder if they'll add more dates in Scandinavia?

A quick edit to add a video in case you haven't seen this yet! :D

Down The Line

April 2nd, 2009

New tour dates!

Mark&Isobel - by me
Found some touring news this week! :)

Isobel and Mark are doing a few shows in the US! These have been announced so far:

05/27/09 New York City, NY (Webster Hall)

05/30/09 San Francisco, CA (Bimbo's 365 Club)

05/31/09 Los Angeles, CA (El Ray Theatre)

09/05/09-09/05/09 Bumbershoot 2009, Seattle, WA (Seattle Center)

AND - it seems Mark and Greg loved playing those intimate gigs together because they are doing more! (I hope they add more dates!!!)

07/12/09 Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Paradiso)

07/13/09 Nijmegen, The Netherlands (Doornroosje)

I just realised that I've never been to the Netherlands and I'm not working onboard those dates... Hmmmm ;)

March 23rd, 2009

My Jerusalem

Mark Lanegan - smoking
Just a quick little post (I'm heading out to sea again!) but I forgot to mention this last time!


Listen to the backing vocals on Hit The Lights! ;)

March 16th, 2009

News news news!

lovely foe
Mark is singing on a track on The Breeders new EP out April 21!

As for the Lanegan cameo on “The Last Time,” Deal says it came together after a conversation in her basement with the guy she brought in to run her Pro Tools setup. “He was telling me that the Lanegan solo record Bubblegum was really good. And I said, that’s a weird name for a Lanegan record. That conversation resonated in my brain, because I thought it’d be great to have a male vocal on this.”


He's also done a song with Slash for the film This is not a movie:

Its official... "Goodbye Sin City" performed by Slash & Mark Lanegan & produced by Mike Clink will be featured in the film "This is not ...


And the Creature with the Atom Brain song he sings on is called Lonely Light. Heard a snippet on last.fm and it sounds great!

Yay for news!

March 4th, 2009

From a Q&A with Aldo Struyf from Creature With The Atom Brain on Smokin' Vulture March 1st where he talks about their new album Transylvania:
Can we expect any special guests to feature on any of the tracks?

Mark Lanegan is singing a song and Koen Kohlbacher ( from 'Birds that change colour') sings along on two tracks.

What is it like working with Mark Lanegan? Do you two have any ideas in the pipeline for future projects?

I love working with Mark and he became one of my best friends, so it always is fun. He's one of the best singers on the planet so I'm proud he sings on our two albums. I'd love to contribute to a new 'Mark Lanegan Band' album but for now he'll be touring with Dulli, Isobel and Soulsavers.

Looks like we can expect to hear something new with Mark pretty soon! Yay!

And it seems that the US tour with Isobel might be happening after all? And touring with Soulsavers? That's what I've been wishing for! Surely it will be in Europe... I cannot wait!

March 3rd, 2009

I want a live DVD - and I want it now! At least these little finds makes the wait for news and new releases a little bit easier!

I absolutely love this. Enjoy!



February 9th, 2009

From Isobel's Myspace blog Feb 8th:

He [her manager] told me he would take a look at the dreary budgets again to see if we could make something happen. I will be....

DISAPPOINTED if we don’t get to play any American shows. Mark and I didn’t play any concerts for Ballad Of The Broken Seas together in America either. This time it just HAS to happen. Though at the moment it’s looking like the tour might be me, Mark, a ghetto blaster, a wheelbarrow and maybe any small children that we’re likely to abduct or befriend along the way. Coming to think on it I think I found favour with a couple of seven year olds at the local neighbourhood pool tonight. I think they’re intrigued by my funny accent or maybe my pink swimsuit; it’s hard to know which? I was telling Celia I could probably pay them in candy?....

I am seriously hoping something will be able to happen in April somehow.....

We've been so spoiled here in Europe so I really hope this happens and all of you living in the States get the chance to see Isobel and Mark live as well!

And I'd totally go and see Isobel, Mark and a ghetto blaster! LOL

February 6th, 2009

I finally managed to get an account over at dimeadozen (after countless attempts) so last night I downloaded the gig I went to at Union Chapel. What a lovely memory to have and I get all teary-eyed listening to it. It feels like I'm right there again!

I really recommend it. Audio is amazing and you get to hear Mark joke! Twice! Greg is pretty talkative too (and we got Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You at the end of King Only!) And you can really hear all of us laughing in I Get A Kick Out Of You!

http://www.megaupload.com/se/?d=LVT1UL4N (474MB FLAC)

Also - Isobel's been writing a lot in her Myspace blog lately! In the entry from yesterday she mentions doing a photo shoot in the US with Mark and giving him the finished cd (SADD) and him complaining about how his voice sounds, among other things! She has sounded pretty down but her latest entry is a little brighter!

February 4th, 2009

Found this on Bomb the Bass MySpace Blog from Feb 1st 2009
[...] Simenon kicks off the story: “Even though I’d had the startings of ‘Black River’ in demo form for some time, it’s actually the youngest track on the album. Initially it was a shuffly groove with a very heavy, almost My Bloody Valentine-type guitar sample over the top. Somehow I ended up putting it to one side whilst we were working on the bulk of ‘Future Chaos’. Then I heard 'Hit The City', Mark's collaboration with PJ Harvey, and straight away it got me thinking about this idea I'd almost forgotten about. I just knew his voice was the thing to carry it forward; the x factor, the missing ingredient."

Mangers talked - as they do - and with Lanegan already familiar with Simenon's sound, a demo was emailed and things got ff to a healthy start. Mark: "I was aware of Bomb the Bass from the 90s, and knew Tim by reputation for his production work, although we had never met. I'm a fan of many different styles of music, and when I get a chance to do something outside of my norm it's a gift; it's always good to be challenged."

Tim: "We then spoke on the phone, and a month or so later I received his vocal file." First impression? "I was blown away. I can still remember the moment I first heard Mark's voice back at me out of the speakers. That voice - it's so strong, and distinctive."

[…] Lanegan was surprisingly comfortable with swapping sound files long distance: "It's something I've done a lot, so it didn't seem strange to me. I let the music tell me what sound to make and the sound becomes words - my influence was Tim's music."

Using Simenon's initial sketch as his starting point, for Lanegan at least the flow of 'Black River' would be a fast one, "I wrote the words in a couple of hours. I'm not really sure where the lyrics came from; and whilst I'm not one to discuss what I think a lyric means, as I prefer the listener draw his or her own conclusion, in my mind (the character of 'Black River') represents a personality trait or mode of behaviour.

[…] "To say Mark's contribution energised us is an understatement. Even given the guitars on the original demo, his voice was far and away the most powerful element. In fact, I'd go as far as to say Mark coming on board instantly raised the bar on the whole project. Perhaps as a result of this energy surge, Paul and I decided to scrap the original sound of the album, and go with what eventually became the stripped back Moog style everyone now knows." "In fact, the only element that remains from the version Mark received is a zither sample - which is the scraping sound you hear right at the start of the track. The rest was ditched.

Read the whole thing here: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=55866806&blogID=467903747

January 28th, 2009


Jeff stage
A friend of mine sent me a link to a timeline featuring Mark posted on exclaim.ca.
Being somewhat of a newcomer to the Lanegan-fanbase I found it both interesting and entertaining to read so I thought I'd share.

My favorite line in the whole thing? Marks explanation of Screaming Trees:
"It was like prison. Without the sex."

January 26th, 2009

Have you guys seen the new video for Black River?

Pretty weird but I really like it! :)

January 25th, 2009

Realising I’ll probably never be able to write the review the show deserves I’m just going to ramble a little (or a lot) about it all… I still can’t find sufficient words but I keep trying: stunning, breathtaking, amazing, beautiful, moving, intimate...

I didn’t get any photos this time – all photography (not just flash) was expressly forbidden and since I was so close to the stage I didn’t dare!

What a fantastic evening it was…Collapse )

the autographsCollapse )
Hi guys! Silly, random question.

After watching the stream of the AB show & having listened to it a couple of times since then...is "Sunset Machine" an unreleased Gutter Twins song or am I just really bad at finding things? I can't find a mention of it anywhere other than track listings for these shows.

& is anyone else utterly in LOVE with that song?

January 23rd, 2009

From the whiskey board:

Link to thread with audio from the ABTV special (no video yet) MP3 format

01 The Body
02 God’s Children
03 The Stations
04 We Have Met Before
05 Creeping Coastline of Lights
06 Resurrection Song
07 The Twilite Kid
08 The Lure Would Prove Too Much
09 Kimiko’s Dream House
10 Summer’s Kiss
11 King Only
12 Sunrise
13 The River Rise
14 Sunset Machine
15 I Am In The Heavenly Way

16 Candy Cane Crawl
18 Tennessee Waltz
19 All I Have To Do Is Dream
20 I Get A Kick Out Of You

It's a big file I'm warnin' ya, but IT'S SO WORTH IT. These guys are just amazing.

January 21st, 2009

A quick heads up before I even start writing my review because I just read this on the onewhiskey board:

They're going to broadcast the concert from Brussels tonight on ABTV 8:50 CET!


Maria and The Gutter TwinsCollapse )

January 16th, 2009

Only 3 freaking days left until I'm seeing the concert at Union Chapel! There better not be any protests at Stansted Airport this time - or any other shit ruining this for me...

4 videos found on youtube and the setlist for the show last night in GlasgowCollapse )

Some fun covers there! Tennessee Waltz!!! And I can't wait to hear We Have Met Before live! It's going to be awesome!

ETA: Found a another videoclip on youtube!

January 12th, 2009

Eagles of Death Metal and Living Things are going on tour together in February. is anyone going?
Feb 3 2009 Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, California
Feb 4 2009 Henry Fonda Theater - HOLLYWOOD, California [buy tix]
Feb 5 2009 The Fillmore - San Francisco, California [buy tix]
Feb 7 2009 WASTED SPACE - LAS VEGAS, Nevada [buy tix]
Feb 9 2009 The Martini Ranch - SCOTTSDALE, Arizona
Feb 10 2009 The Rialto Theater- TUCSON, Arizona
Feb 13 2009 Radio Show – Kansas City, MO
Feb 14 2009 The Blue Note - COLUMBIA, Missouri [buy tix]
Feb 15 2009 The Eagles Club - MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin [buy tix]
Feb 16 2009 RADIO SHOW – Columbus, Ohio
Feb 17 2009              20th Century Theater - Cincinnatt, Ohio [buy tix]
Feb 18 2009 Agora Theater - Cleveland, Ohio [buy tix]
Feb 19 2009 Mr. Smalls Theater - Pittsburgh, PA [buy tix]
Feb 20 2009             Phoenix Concert Theater - TORONTO, Ontario [buy tix]
I downloaded this MP3 of Living Things' "Let It Rain" and love it.

December 30th, 2008

Anyone living on the US West Coast?

Good news for you - Mark and Greg are doing shows there too! :)

02/10/09 West Hollywood, CA (the Troubadour)
02/11/09 San Francisco, CA (the Independent)
02/13/09 Portland, OR (Doug Fir)
02/15/09 Seattle, WA (the Showbox)

Mark and Isobel were on Radcliffe & Maconie's show on BBC radio on December 15th! I missed the live show but managed to record it on the last day it was still available online. They did 3 songs in the studio (Keep Me In Mind Sweetheart, Something To Believe, Honey Child What Can I Do) and Isobel talked a lot. Mark said... 4 words?

Isobel said Mark had asked her to play the cello on the gig in Glasgow! It would be awesome if she joined them in London as well but I don't think I'm going to be that lucky!

Mark admitted to not being in a chatty mood and replied "not recently" when asked if he had ever burst out of his trousers from singing too loud. He also said he's working on the new Soulsavers record. And that was basically all he said!

I uploaded the interview and songs - Isobel and Mark on BBC Radio 12/15/08

Just look at this photo! He's so laughing his head off at Isobel here! :) Wish I could have seen one of the shows where they played around like this! From what I've heard they did their best to get the other one to laugh in both Bexhill and Barcelona! :)

Does anyone watch the TV show Life on NBC? They've played songs by the Gutter Twins in two different episodes now - I Was in Love with You and God’s Children in episode 2.07 (Jackpot) and Flow Like A River in 2.09 (Badge Bunny - a really hilarious episode!)

These last few weeks I've been totally obsessed with the live version of Man In the Long Black Coat so I thought I'd post it to make sure you all get to hear it! It's absolutely amazing!
Mark Lanegan and Calexico - Man In the Long Black Coat Enjoy!

And finally - HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! It seems like we have a lot of Mark to look forward to in 2009 - tour with Greg, Soulsavers album, new solo record... and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a tour with Soulsavers to promote the album!

December 8th, 2008

Hello everyone!

I'm so devastated right now! I can't believe this - I was supposed to be in London right now and on my way to the concert at Union Chapel but when we got to the airport this morning we found out that the flight was cancelled because some idiots had decided to have a protest at Stansted airport early this morning!

So there was no way for us to get to London in time and all we could do was to return home... I've been crying all day. I was looking forward to the concert as well as going away with my fiancé to London (we haven't done much just the two of us in ages!) and now... *sigh* I don't think I really believe it yet! And just before Xmas too - there was a lot of other things I could've done with that money! Dammit!

I didn't want to say anything before in case it never happened (because Isobel said that in London the record company tend to make arrangements for them and decide they have to do interviews and stuff) but I probably would have met her again - and Mark too this time. I just had to talk to her tour manager... Dammit, I don't even want to think about it! And she still has my cd booklet and set list!!!

Well, now my family feels so sorry for me they are actually letting me go to London on the 19th of January. I have to go by myself though because my fiancé hates Gutter Twins and none of my friends like them either. I will go - if I get to stay with a friend in London and hopefully she'll let me know tonight if it's possible! I don't dare to book a hotel room again and lose all that money!

Sorry for the whining but I'm sure you all understand how I feel! This is going to take me a long time to get over and at least I can say that I'm very happy I went to Copenhagen on a whim to see them there first!

Group hug? I need one!!!

December 4th, 2008

Nice to see a new Lanegan comm pop up ;) 

Bit 'bout me...Screaming Trees to start with; lost them, then found Lanegan again through Queens of the Stone Age, and now here I reside. Don't know if I have a favorite album, I usually pick and choose by song depending on mood, weather, etc. The Gutter Twins is by far my favorite Lanegan collab., so far I have not heard a song from them I didn't like. Didn't care too much for Mark and Isobel's first album, but to me SADD is a classic.
I'll mostly lurk, maybe drop some icons or wallpapers by on occasion. And thanks to everyone who has shared their concert reviews, interviews, pics, etc.  :)  

So this is like a housewarming - I had to bring something ;) Collapse )

Did a little surfing on my break here onboard and found an interview with Mark!


November 30th, 2008

mr Mark Lanegan...

Mark&Isobel - who built the road?
OK, here's some photos I took during the concert...

I have an average compact digital camera so I do the best I can and trust in the power of Photoshop. :D

I converted almost all of the photos to black and white because the lighting was really difficult as usual. You all know how Mark likes to hide in the shadows.

Mr Mark Lanegan

two more black and white of Mark + one in colour + one of Isobel & Mark onstage + one with me and IsobelCollapse )

November 29th, 2008


Jeff stage
I'm new to this community, found it thanks to im_a_yogi and I'm thrilled to have found a place to share thoughts, ramblings and other stuff on.

So what can I tell you about myself? Well, I got into the amazing work of Mark quite recently. Being an old school "grunger" and a qotsa-maniac I've always been aware of his presence in music but it wasn't until this summer that I dove into everything connected to Mark head first. Do I have to say I have yet to come up for air? ;)

I was at the concert with Isobel Campbell in Stockholm this Thursday (November 27:th) and composed some kind of review of it. Thought I post it here as well as a 'thanks for inviting me'-gift.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden 11-27-08Collapse )
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