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~ Rollin' just to keep on rollin' ~

~ Rollin' just to keep on rollin' ~



September 30th, 2010

★ He's starting the US/Canada tour with Isobel in two weeks and tonight he's performing with John Cale in LA!
Mark Lanegan, who appeared during a series of Cale-organized tribute concerts in honor of former Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico's 70th birthday, will also be performing with Cale on Thursday night. "When John asked me to do the Nico shows, I said, 'Absolutely,' " Lanegan says. "I've been a huge fan forever. In fact, in 2003 I tried to get him to produce an album for me. I've also covered his song 'Big White Cloud,' which I'm releasing soon."


I found the song he mentions in the article:

★ You can also hear two new songs on Maggie Björklund's myspace page, Coming Home and Intertwined. http://www.myspace.com/maggiebjorklund

★ ETA Well, it seems the stream from ReverbNation has disappeared and that my find was an old version? Wanna hear it? Check the comments. Due to popular demand I'm going to keep the link to the download up! ★

September 19th, 2010

rocktea has already written a fabulous review of the concert at the Barbican and I have nothing to add really except to say that is was a fantastic show and I have some photos and videos to share.

I hope more of you manage to catch their shows!

More photos & videos under the cutCollapse )

September 14th, 2010

I saw Isobel and Mark play together almost two years ago and event hough they complained about the sound at that concert I still found the whole concert magic. There’s something special in both the mix of their voices and their stage presences, they just go together so well. So I was really excited to experience that once again.
As I had a front row seat this time (not as good as im_a_yogi though who was virtually staring up Mark’s nose the whole time) I was sure I would get the best possible chance to let myself be swept away.

Willy Mason, who has contributed vocals to two of the songs on Hawk, was the opening act and he was perfect for it. Humbleness, wits and a great voice; that’s about all it takes to charm your way onto my good side. His songs felt honest and heartfelt and I would be surprised if this was the last time Isobel works with him.

Isobel and Mark opened the concert with the first track of the new album, We Die And See Beauty Reign. Mark was dressed in his usual black and Isobel in a cute white dress. I guess you could say the worn phrase about Isobel being the light to Mark’s darkness was very much in effect but then again, it’s kinda hard not to appear bright next to Lanegan.
For the first couple of songs Isobel seemed to be a bit nervous, even a bit sad but that changed towards the middle of the concert. Mark on the other side seemed to be in a great mood. They kept exchanging looks as to check if the other was prepared to start singing and Mark smiled every time. He was actually smiling in between those moments as well, obviously very happy to be doing this tour.

The band Isobel has put together for this tour seemed to be more in tune with each other then the band they had with them the last time I saw them. They all seemed to enjoy playing together and that was verified by one of the guitar players we talked to after the show as well.

The set list was in my opinion close to perfect, mixing in the new songs with the older. Mark got to escape the stage for a while when Isobel was joined by Willy Mason for the two songs off of her album and one song off of his. Experiencing the two songs they do together on Hawk live made me appreciate them more. They kinda used to rub me the wrong way since it wasn’t Mark singing them with her. Although I’m sure Mark would have done a great job on them Willy’s softer voice lends them another dynamic.

As for the rest of the set list I was glad to get to hear Revolver and Wedding Dress since those were songs I didn’t get to hear the last time I saw them. The new songs worked really well too, I especially liked the way Get Behind Me and You Won’t Let Me Down Again sounded live.

Isobel, Mark and Willy held a meet and greet after the show which was, of course, very welcomed and appreciated. I however decided to be the photographer and not stand in line to get my ticket signed. I know I would most likely clam up knowing I had a limited time to say whatever I wanted to tell them and I could live without that experience. Plus I got to stare at Mark for a much longer time than most since I was standing right across from the table they were sitting at. *hee*

All in all it was a wonderful concert that I got to share with some really amazing people and that’s the best way to do it!


August 17th, 2010

First; the video for You Won't Let Me Down Again from the forthcoming album with Isobel Campbell. Mark is, of course, not in it though. ;)

Secondly; videos from the benefit last Thursday (August 12) to help Brian O'Connor, bass player in Eagles of Death Metal, who's been diagnosed with cancer. Mark performed four songs with Queens of the Stone Age.

In order:

In The Fade

Hangin' Tree

God Is In The Radio

A Song For The Dead

Enjoy! ;)

June 4th, 2010

Vanguard Records is streaming 'Come Undone' from Isobel & Mark's new album here:


A bit of a similar vibe as 'Come On Over (Turn Me On)', very sultry and slinky 60s sound. Kind of reminds me of 'It's a Man's Man's Man's World' and Nina Simone's version of 'I Put a Spell on You' (in a good way!)

I like it a lot :)
★ News are finally popping up about the new Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan album, Hawk. It's going to be released on August 16th and there's going to be a concert in London on Sept 10th (rocktea, nirakh and I got front row tickets!) and Paris the following day.

They are also going to play ATP in December.


(In Dutch but Isobel's quotes are in English)

It mentions two shows in the Netherlands on the 17th and 18th of September.

A track list for Hawk: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/15383365/Hawk/Product.html?source=9593&_$ja=tsid:11853|prd:85386

★ The tour dates for Mark's acoustic shows with Dave Rosser in South America and Australia/New Zealand are on the info page along with Pukkelpop. More festival dates to come!

★ I have been meaning to write reviews for the acoustic shows I've caught this spring in London and Milan but I don't seem to find the time and it's likely that the reviews would just consist of words like magical, wonderful and amazing anyway - I'm sure you get the picture! I'll see what I can do about the boyfriend's photos and video from Milan though.

April 21st, 2010

The tour started yesterday in Utrecht! No volcano could stop Mark or Dave!

One Way Street is my favourite song so to see it live I'll probably try and swim to London if the ash cloud isn't gone! Mark sounds amazing! There's a set list up on onewhiskey and I can't wait to hear all those songs live!

March 4th, 2010

recent stuff...

Mark&Isobel - who built the road?
I managed to forget a few things in the last post! That's what happens when you don't post stuff as soon as you find it! :)

★ Mark Lanegan is performing The Cure’s Close to Me on Fiona Brice's album “The Separate”. It's a string quartet with pop songs from the 80's with guest vocalists! Sounds really cool! http://www.fionabrice.co.uk/

★ Crawdaddy! added All Misery/Flowers on Feb 15th.

★ I think you’ve all seen these photos from Sundance Film Festival, right? He performed with Isobel Campbell Jan 27th and we got Mark wearing glasses and a cardigan!Collapse )Sweet!

February 26th, 2010

It's been quiet in here for awhile now. The Soulsavers gigs in Europe, in clubs and big arenas opening up for Depeche Mode, didn't generate that much news (except for Mark wearing a suit!) but now things are starting to happen again! Seems we have plenty to look forward to in 2010!

★ We Are Only Riders: the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project album has been out for awhile. Mark sings on two of the tracks. (Constant Waiting is amazing!)

★ I'm just going to put the link up this time... Every time they add another video the old embedded videos just get screwed up anyway! (This has been up for a few months)


★ A SOLO TOUR in Europe April-May!!! I've added the dates to the info page and I've booked everything for London on May 4th! I cannot wait!

★ New collaboration with UNKLE. Mark sings on Another Night Out on the new album Where Did The Night Fall (out in May)

★ A collaboration with Duke Garwood (he's also opening for Mark on the tour in April-May)

Tiny interview clip from BBC (Soulsavers played on BBC radio in Dec) Mark mentions album with Isobel Campbell and working with Duke Garwood and the solo album.

★ There will be yet another "Life Along the Borderline: A Tribute To Nico" concert in Wroclaw, Poland, on March 27th.

★ A new album with Isobel Campbell will be out this year. Hopefully they'll tour together again!

★ Mark is singing on the new Twilight Singers album.

★ A new solo album? Will he have the time???

November 9th, 2009

It sure was time for a change, wasn't it? I think it calls for a little picspam...

He looks great in that suit!

And that's all the news I had today...

October 30th, 2009

This was pretty annoying - I wanted to see the video for "Unbalanced Pieces" but since I don't live in the US it took me awhile to find a version that I was able to view! But here it is:

Also - old news now but Mark has two songs on the upcoming We Are Only Riders - The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project out sometime this winter (I've seen dates in November and January). Constant Waiting and Free to Walk (with Isobel Campbell).

October 9th, 2009

I've found a few dates for shows in Europe in between the arena concerts with Depeche Mode:

11/04/09 Gent, Belgium (Vooruit Concertzaal)
11/05/09 Paris, France (Divan du Monde)
11/14/09 Madrid, Spain (Ramdall)
11/19/09 Barcelona, Spain (Razzmatazz 2)
11/24/09 München, Germany (59:1)
11/29/09 Amsterdamn, Netherlands (Melkweg)
12/04/09 Roncade (TV), Italy (New Age Club)
12/08/09 Köln, Germany (Gebäude 9)
12/11/09 London, GB (Elecric Ballroom)
12/17/09 Nottingham, GB (The Rescue Rooms)

October 1st, 2009

All in excellent mp3 files (but let me know if you want FLAC):

Death Bells
You Will Miss Me When I Burn
Rolling Sky
Unbalanced Pieces
Jesus Just Left Chicago
By My Side
Paper Money

Interview with Rich Machin

The whole thing in a zipped file:

Soulsavers Live on KCRW 2009


September 27th, 2009

2 new live videos are up on Wolfgangs Vault. The first one is just a few days old the other has been up for about a month. Great stuff but why do they have to change the codes every time they put up a new video? My other embedded videos get screwed up!!!

Who Will Lead Us

God's children

Took down the embedded videos. They don't seem to work once a new video has been posted anyway! Follow the links to the wonderful videos instead.

September 26th, 2009

recent stuff...

lovely foe
Here comes a little round-up of recent new stuff:

- Soulsavers will be supporting Depeche Mode on their European tour in Nov-Dec. I've already put the dates up on the comm's info page. On their Myspace Blog they have mentioned that they will do headlining club gigs in Europe as well in between the shows with Depeche Mode. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they have the time to make a quick stop in Scandinavia (or play with Depeche Mode in January as well because they will play in my hometown then and I had already planned on going!

- Soulsavers played live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic Thursday Sep 10th. If you didn't catch it you really missed something! I've got the show as FLAC and a very good quality Mp3 so let me know it you want me to upload it! (They played Death Bells, You will miss me, Rolling Sky, Unbalanced Pieces, By My Side, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Revival, Paper Money + interviewed Rich Machin.) It's also still availble in their archive here.

- A really good interview with Mark can be found here. In it he again talks about a new record with Isobel Campbell being out next year. (But Danish articles only mention her making a new album (similar to her work with Mark) with Giant Sand singer, Howe Gelb, who she's been doing two concerts with in Århus, DK)

- Jonneine Zapata is writing a blog from her tour with Soulsavers. This is from part 2:
Lanegan’s response when I asked him if he’s bothered by me doing vocal warm-ups in the bathroom next to his dressing room. “Not at all,” he said with a big Jack Nicholson smile, “I have a parrot at home.”


- Martyn LeNoble as well as Soulsavers (Rick Machin I assume?) have Twitter accounts and reports from the tour.

August 26th, 2009



A few ML ( and greg too/ts too) themed icons


BW lyric set


view the rest HERE

August 19th, 2009

Video interview!

Mark Lanegan - smoking
I'm back home after a week onboard and as fast as I possibly could I bought Highway Kind off iTunes and listened to the album streamed at Soulsavers MySpace page!

It sounds amazing and I can't wait until I get the cd on Friday!

Interview with Rich Machin and Mark Lanegan:

August 11th, 2009

Interview with Mark Lanegan & Rick Machin.

Mark: There was some time off in 1996.Collapse )

Download (legally) a remix of Soulsavers' Death Bells by Mogwai here: http://www.zshare.net/download/63718102d7fbc62a/

A late entry about 'An Evening with Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan' at Vega, Copenhagen in July! I’m actually seeing Mark again with the Soulsavers in Berlin on Sept 4th! (5th time I see him live in 13 months!) Anyone here going to their shows in the US/Canada?

the concert & meeting the guys + photos of Mark looking great, Greg the charmer, Dave trying to look scary and two happy girlsCollapse )

rocktea - Do you want to post your photos in a reply? Or I could edit this post and put them up here when I get back home! And please add to this review because I just rambled! :) And thanks again honey for an awesome evening! We both rock! ;)

July 24th, 2009

New interview from the land down under!

Lanegan's next project is a second album and tour with Soulsavers, which will be followed by a third collaboration with British singer Campbell. Although it is easier to collaborate in the digital age, when you can email vocal parts, early recordings between Lanegan and Campbell suffered from the tyranny of distance.

But for their new album they will sing face-to-face in the studio, a la Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, to improve the chemistry.

"Obviously, I prefer being in the same studio," Lanegan says.

"It's always nice when you have the real thing in front of you.

"Singing with her is one of the great joys of my music life."


Samples of the songs on Broken are available here and here!!

Soulsavers dates in the US and Europe:

(The festival dates in Austria, Belgium and Holland aren't happening anymore.)

09/08/24 Manchester, UK (Ruby Lounge)
09/08/25 Glasgow, UK (Oran Moor)
09/08/27 London, UK (Highbury Garage)
09/08/28 Reading Festival, UK
09/08/30 Leeds Festival, UK
09/09/01 Bologna, Italy (Estragon)
09/09/02 Milan, Italy (Magnolia Parade)
09/09/04 Berlin, Germany (Postbahnhof)

09/09/06 Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom)
09/09/07 Seattle, WA (Bumbershoot Festival)
09/09/09 San Francisco, CA (The Independant)
09/09/10 Los Angeles, CA (Troubadour)
09/09/12 San Diego, CA (Casbah)
09/09/15 Austin, TX (Stubb's Bar-B-Q)
09/09/16 Dallas, TX (House of Blues)
09/09/18 New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jacks)
09/09/19 Atlanta, GA (The Loft)
09/09/21 Washington DC (Rock and Roll Hotel)
09/09/22 New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)
09/09/23 Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club)
09/09/25 Toronto, ON (Mod Club)
09/09/26 Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop)
09/09/27 Chicago, IL (Double Door)


On her MySpace Red Ghost announced that she will be on tour with them as well!


Sunset Machine isn't a Gutter Twins song! It's going to be on the upcoming Twilight Singers album. (Got this info from Mr Dulli himself - some kind of review of An Evening with Mark and Greg in Copenhagen will be posted soonish!)

July 12th, 2009

Tiny bit of info about a coming solo album! Apparently on a new label - 4AD - and soon!

This guy talked to Mark at the soundcheck in Argentina!


Awesome news!

July 8th, 2009

I found some Soulsavers dates for Europe in August:

August 20-22
FM4 Frequency Festival (Race Stage) Green Park, St. Pölten, Austria

August 21-23
Lowlands Paradise 2009, NL

August 13-16
Feest in het Park 2009 Oudenaarde, Belgium

How about playing Way Out West in Gothenburg, guys??? It could work! *fingers crossed*


Mark is singing on the new Twilight Singers album! Yay! :)



Mark, Greg and Dave played their last gig in South America last night and are heading over to Europe. Lots of clips up on YouTube! :)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/otaviosousa/tags/marklanegan/ - the first two pics in this set is maybe my favourite Mark photos ever along with this one:

I have spotted a black shirt with white seams in the new photos... ;)

July 4th, 2009

An Evening with Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan
July 1, 2009 – Bourbon Street Music Club, São Paolo, Brazil

01 – Gutter Twins – The Body [from: Saturnalia (2008)]
02 – Gutter Twins – God’s Children [from: Saturnalia (2008)]
03 – Gutter Twins – The Stations [from: Saturnalia (2008)]
04 – Afghan Whigs – If I Were Going [from: Gentlemen (1993)]
05 – Screaming Trees – Sworn and Broken [from: Dust (1996)]
06 – Gutter Twins – Down The Line (Jose Gonzalez) [from: Adorata (2008)]
07 – Gutter Twins – We Have Met Before [from: Adorata (2008)]
08 – Mark Lanegan – Creeping Coastline of Lights [from: I'll Take Care
of You (1999)]
09 – Mark Lanegan – Resurrection Song [from: Field Songs (2001)]
10 – Twilight Singers – The Twilight Kid [from: Twilight As Sung By
The Twilight Singers (2000)]
11 – Twilight Singers – King Only [from: Twilight As Sung By The
Twilight Singers (2000)]
12 – Mark Lanegan – Sunrise [from: Whiskey For The Holy Ghost (1994)]
13 – Afghan Whigs – Summer’s Kiss [from: Black Love (1996)]
14 – Mark Lanegan – The River Rise [from: Whiskey For The Holy Ghost (1994)]
15 – Gutter Twins – Sunset Machine [from: London 01.19.09 (Bootleg) (2009)]
16 – Washington White – I am in the Heavenly Way [from: Goodbye,
Babylon (Disc 3) (2003)]
17 – Afghan Whigs – What Jail Is Like [from: Gentlemen (1993)]
18 – Screaming Trees – Dollar Bill [from: Sweet Oblivion (1992)]
19 – Nick Drake – Three Hours [from: Five Leaves Left (1969)]

Found this at mundoeleven.blogspot.com.
There's great pictures at flickr.com from the concert as well!

They've added some very interesting songs. I really hope we'll get to hear Dollar Bill in Copenhagen as well. My only concern is that Candy Cane Crawl is no longer on the setlist. :(

June 23rd, 2009

Crawdaddy keeps adding Gutter Twins videos - a third one has been up since June 5th. Why not just put the whole concert up there? (I was able to see most of it another time when the whole thing was accidentally streamed on the site!)

Idle Hands


Soulsavers have the new songs up on their MySpace and I forgot to post this link last week: http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/tracks-of-the-day-soulsavers/ Go there to download the new songs (legally) if you don't already have them! ;) (Sunrise and You Will Miss Me When I Burn)

Track List for BrokenCollapse )

I've found some dates for concerts around the internet... Sept 6th in Portland, Sept 9th in San Francisco, and Sept 23rd in Boston but nothing is confirmed.

What about Europe? :D

June 16th, 2009

June 14th, 2009

(no subject)

I felt like death today, so I made some Mark icons :D


*reuploaded to photobucket, hopefully the new links won't break!

These and many more at my journal here!

June 8th, 2009

You can listen to the whole song Tonight from the Afghan Whigs tribute here:


It's absolutely gorgeous!!! (Scared ya, didn't I? - LOL)


I cannot wait to hear the new Soulsavers album! It sounds like it will be quite amazing!

They will release a single first - Sunrise (written by Lanegan and sung by Will Oldham, aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy) and the b-side is You Will Miss Me When I Burn (Lanegan singing Oldham's song) (The only version I managed to find quickly online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_KIJGCqZz8)

Red Ghost (Rosa Agostino) sings on 3 tracks - By My Side (+lyrics), Praying Ground (cover of Lanegan's song) and sings a duet with Mark, Rolling Sky as well as provide backing vocals for Sunrise and You Will Miss Me When I Burn.

http://www.myspace.com/redghostsounds I really like her stuff and she has a great voice!

Mark sings with Mike Patton on Unbalanced Pieces, with Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) on Death Bells and with Jason Pierce (Spiritualized) on Pharaoh's Chariot.
(From NME.com, onewhiskey and MySpace)

The only tour date confirmed so far is Bumbershoot in September. Hopefully we'll hear more soon!

May 30th, 2009

New albums...

Gutter Twins: yellow by me
Mark is covering Tonight on Summer's Kiss - A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs. The album is out June 23.

You can listen to a snippet here: http://www.summerskissrecords.com/index

The new Soulsavers album is out August 17th and is called Broken (that's all the info they wrote on their MySpace blog last week!) We might get some tour news next week!

All the concert dates with Isobel are cancelled now (Bumbershoot in September as well). I hope they manage to put a tour together again some other time but Mark's a busy man...
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